Spain and its wonders The European continent has always been like a mystical attraction to tourists from all over the world. This is due to its beauty and its diversity, and the fact that each and every country has something special to offer. However, there is something about Spain that impresses millions of people from all the corners of the world who travel to the country every year. Is it because of the unique architectural style, the impressive historical heritage or the vivacity and joy of its traditions and customs? Well, it is probably a combination of all these things. Have I convinced you to visit the country? If your answer is “yes”, then all you have to do now is to choose your Spanish destination. A good idea would be Madrid, the capital of the country and one of its wonders.

Madrid is famous for being a modern city, with a very futuristic air, but one that puts great value on its historical monuments and everything connected to the past and the essence of the country’s culture. While in Madrid, there is a wide range of activities to choose from, starting with sightseeing, continuing with the stops in one of the bars or streetside terraces that serve the delicious tapas and finishing with a traditional dinner in one of the fancy restaurants or a few hours spent in a club where flamenco shows are given. When you are in Madrid, you should also take advantage of its location and go on a few day-trips to near-by cities. An interesting day trip is the one that takes you to Cuenca. About Cuenca Cuenca is one of the cities situated on the AVE high speed train line which connects Madrid and Valencia, so it is very accessible to anyone who visits one of these two cities. One of the main reasons why Cuenca is a popular place among tourists and a city that you shouldn’t miss while on one of your Spanish holidays is because it is famous for its hanging houses. The houses are known as casas colgadas and they really look as if they are somehow floating above you. It is no wonder that the city has a museum which celebrates the Abstract Arts. The Arab fortress is another important monument in Cuenca and so is the Mangana Tower which seems to change along with the centuries. Cuenca really is a special place in Spain, so visit it and you will never regret the choice.