A few things about Madrid Madrid is the beautiful capital of Spain and also one of its most beautiful and attractive cities. What is absolutely amazing about Madrid is its huge cultural, artistic, architectural and historical heritage. Madrid is definitely one of those cities where you can find out a lot of interesting details about the past of the country you are visiting, a city in which a holiday is not only relaxing, but also educational.

Visiting Madrid If you are wondering what things are waiting for you in Madrid, then prepare yourself: the list is extremely long. Most of the tourists want to start their sightseeing tour of the city with its centre; actually it is completely understandable why they want to do that: the breathtaking Royal Palace, the beautiful Plaza de Toros and the relaxing Parque Del Retiro are all in the centre of the city. These are the most famous attractions of the city, so make sure you have them on your list. You should also make sure that you allocate enough time to visit them, especially the Royal Palace which is huge. However, these are not the only attractions of Madrid, the list continues. Continuing the list Puerta del Sol represents the official centre of Madrid; it seems like everything starts from this Gate, exactly like the American Times Square. Just a few streets away, the beautiful Plaza Mayor waits for its visitors; the square is wonderfully paved and all its sides are decorated with arcades, creating a very special medieval atmosphere. Casa de la Villa is another important stop for tourists as it is the building that hosts the old City Hall; enter it and visit its chambers, especially the chambers of the City Council. Next to the Royal Palace, which is actually built on the remains of a Moorish fortress, is the Almudena Cathedral, a place where you can take the liberty of putting an order into your thoughts. The Prado Museum is an exquisite attraction for art lovers, while those who love plants can spend a few pleasant hours wandering through the alleys of the Botanical Gardens. Useful information

Madrid is definitely a city in which you can get lost and one of those places that has too many interesting monuments to see; in order to avoid any type of trouble, do not hesitate to use the Tourist Office which you will find in the Plaza Mayor.