Vancouver is known as the most livable city in the world because of its fresh air and its nature. Outside the concrete jungle of Vancouver, Vancouver citizens can get away easily. They can step into the wild or head towards one of the many parks located downtown.

So, where exactly are the locals visiting? While this article is not a complete list of every getaway spot in the city, it should show you the way on where to go.

Stanley Park & Vancouver Aquarium

Stanley Park is the largest park in Canada and Vancouver. It’s also a park that opens in the heart of the city. The park is home to the Lion Gate Bridge, which connects both sides of Vancouver. The waters are clear and the air is clean. The park is only a great place to join in for a hike. The totem pole collections scatter throughout the park also makes the hike not just any hike, but one where visitors can explore. All of these are what makes Stanley Park such a popular location.

But Stanley Park acquires its fame because of the trees here. Stanley Park is home to over half a million trees, making this place home to wildlife animals and also a large forest. You can even start calling this place a jungle located in the heart of the city. Except that it’s not as humid and chaotic as any wildlife jungle, but more of a cool and refreshing walkway.

It is also a beautiful place to visit in autumn. During the fall, Stanley Park’s floor is filled with red maple leaves. Many Hollywood blockbusters shot here, such as Deadpool 2. If you are a movie lover, you should not miss this place.

Stanley Park is surrounded by the sea, so one way to enjoy Stanley Park is to walk along the Seawall Trail. This almost 10-kilometer-long promenade is mostly meant for bikes. As you ride through, you can enjoy the views of the waterfront while witnessing landmarks. That includes, but not limited to, the Brockton Point Lighthouse and the removed Lions Gate Bridge. As for those who are too tired to walk, there are also a variety of tours, such as carriage tours and mini-train rides.

Finally, the Vancouver Aquarium is in Stanley Park. Besides jellyfishes and planktons, the park also hosts big animals such as seals, sharks, crocodiles, and white dolphins. Of course, there are also feeding shows and dolphin shows in the park. If you’re with your children, the Vancouver Aquarium will be a great attraction. The blend of educational content with interactive exhibits will certainly teach kids the importance of our ocean.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, located in Vancouver’s countryside, is not a huge park. The tickets can be a bit expensive. However, many people would recommend this place because of the suspension bridge in the park.

As the name suggests, the main thing about the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is the suspension bridge here. The suspension bridge is 70 meters high and 140 meters long. It’s almost like a narrow pedestrian street that spans the Capilano River. Unlike a pedestrian street, while walking on a suspension bridge, the bridge will swing and creek. Perhaps that’s the thrill.

The suspension bridge here was once built using simple materials. But since the main structure has been rebuilt and strengthened with steel cable, it is secure. The only thing that remains constant is the view from both sides of the bridge. During the fall, there are maple leaves. During winter, you can see the snowy mountains in the distance. As for the spring and summer seasons, waters flow under the bridge. There might even be rainbows if you are lucky.

After crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge, visitors will arrive at a forest. There is a wishing fountain, where you can toss coins and make wishes. There are also smaller suspension bridges in the park. One of the bigger bridges is the Cliff Walk, which is right next to the entrance.  Cliff Walk is not as tall as the Capilano Suspension Bridge but still allows visitors to experience the thrill of a walk through the forest.

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Cleveland Dam, Capilano Salmon Hatchery

Since we are in Capilano Suspension Bridge, there’s no way that we won’t visit two more locations also in the Capilano River Regional Park. Namely, the dam and the salmon hatchery.

Cleveland Dam is the source of water for many Canadians. Like many large dams around the world, it is less so of an artificial structure but more of a lake. The dam is surrounded by hatches of green pastures, as it reflects on the water with the sky, making this a scenic spot for photo-taking. Not far away, the waterfall is about 70 meters high. While there are fences to protect visitors from falling, the views are no less powerful and breathtaking.

Capilano Salmon Hatchery is a salmon hatchery. On any normal day, the Capilano Salmon Hatchery opens as a kind of museum to educate people about salmon. There are a variety of salmon-related models and actual salmon to explain salmon habitat. However, the best time to visit Capilano Salmon Hatchery is during the fall. As the fall comes, salmons will begin their swim against the current, return to the place where they were once born to lay eggs, and die. The process is known as the salmon run. The Capilano Salmon Hatchery, which happens to be the last leg of the salmon run, catches the salmon during this time to help conserve Canada’s salmon. It is also the best place to watch salmon run during the fall, as there are glass panels set up inside to show you the water.

Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano Beach is the hottest beach in Vancouver. This beach is located on the north side of Vancouver. It’s directly opposite to the English Bay on the other side of town.

Kits Beach (as the locals call it) has a large number of luxury residential areas nearby. Kitsilano Beach is often filled with thrill-seekers, making this place once rated as one of the 10 hottest beaches.

The coastlines here are scenic. The waves are calm and good for swimming. The breeze is chilling and relaxing as well. While you won’t find people doing water activities here, you will surely find people using one of the many public facilities. One of the most popular is the beach volleyball court. The Kits Pool, which is Canada’s longest saltwater pool, might just as popular as the main beach, certainly offers a different angle to relax.