The city which is known for never being asleep has a busy life for its citizens. People who live in Mumbai lead a hectic life and this busy routine screams for a rest day after a tiring week of work. When you take out time from your busy routine to spend your day with friends, family, or a special someone, then you do not want to go just anywhere, you want to spend your day at a place that makes your day fun and enjoyable. In this article, we will tell you about all those places you can visit in the metropolis city, Mumbai. Check out the best offers on go air flight booking right now to plan your travel.

5 Hangout Spots To Visit With Your Friend’s And Loved Ones

Below are the places we think you should definitely visit with your friends on a weekend or a free day. We have also included different kinds of places so you can pick the one according to the mood you are in.

Essel World

EsselWorld is known to be India’s largest amusement park. After a tiring week, we all want to hang out at an entertaining and fun place with our friends and EsselWorld does the job wonderfully. The amazing and fun rides there will make you and your friends forget about all the worry and stress and will give you the most enjoyable experience. It is definitely a place in Mumbai where you will enjoy the rides and scream your heart out with your friends.

Hanging Garden

For those who like to go to a rather peaceful place on a weekend or an off-day from work in Mumbai, Hanging Gardens is a perfect choice. This garden in Mumbai, also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens, is one of the most popular attractions in the posh location of Malabar Hills. The garden is beautifully designed with plants that are intricately carved in the shape of different animals. It is widely loved and visited by the people of Mumbai. Having a calm and peaceful time at Hanging Gardens while enjoying the beauty of greenery sounds like a perfect idea to spend a pleasant day.

Marine Drive

If you’re looking for a place that is both free and gives you the view of all the glitz and glamor of the city, then Marine Drive is the best place. It is a 3.6 kilometer long esplanade along the coast of South Mumbai which is extremely popular among the Mumbaikars. It is lined with palm trees and gives you a beautiful location with a magnificent backdrop of the sea for a lazy stroll with your friend or your loved one. If you want to visit Marine Drive, we would recommend you to go around sunset time to enjoy the beautiful view of the sun setting under the sea.

Girgaon Chowpatty

Girgaon Chowpatty which is popularly known as Chowpatty is a public beach situated in Southern Mumbai. The Chowpatty is the perfect place to chill and have fun with your friends. People of all ages enjoy going to Chowpatty in the vibrant evenings and seeing the breathtaking colorful view at night. If you’re visiting Marine Drive, then going to Chowpatty and enjoying its famous street foods is a must for you. It is also a great picnic spot if visiting with family or friends.

Kanheri Caves

If after the glitz and buzz of the city you’re looking for a place which is both beautiful and is a historical monument, then Kanheri Caves is the best option. It is located in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Kanheri caves are a group of rock-cut monuments which are in the form of caves. This cave has 109 separate entrances. You will find paintings, inscriptions, and Buddhist sculptures there which will tell you about the influence of Buddhism on Indian architecture. It is truly a wonderful and culturally rich place to visit to spend a gratifying day with your friends.

These are the five of our favorite places in Mumbai to visit with your friends. We hope you visit them and enjoy with your friends. Let us know about your favorite place as we would love to find out!