A Dubai trip makes you think of unique architecture, tall corporate buildings along with the hustle and bustle of the shopping centers. In a way it is going to be one of the leading tourist destinations in the global world and no wonder Dubai tour packages spell out all the details of the major attractions of the place. The city has a strong historical background and with millions of migrants looking up to the city for job opportunities and the picture is rosy as well. There are the traditional groups of people who choose to live their life on their own principles, whereas there are others who prefer a modern life. If you are passionate about dune basing, then a visit to the Desert Safari is a must. It is a roller coaster drive where the skilled drivers who take the tourists on an adventure trip. This is coupled with a dinner of the traditional Arabian food in the glowing sunset. Not forgetting to mention the belly dance provides you with a new experience of sorts. In fact Dubai Honeymoon packages are in demand for the sole reason.

The essence of seven star hotels separate Dubai from the rest of the world. The Burj – Al – Arab that is built on an artificial island is known all over the world for its luxurious services along with the splendid interior decoration. Another attraction is the Sky View bar which provides breathtaking views of the underwater. Then there is the tallest building in the world which is the BurjKhalifa of 160 floors and no visit to the place is complete without a glimpse of these tourist attractions. When you choose a tour package to Dubai, you choose to explore the city in an easy and convenient manner. Everything is planned and organized in such a manner that within the limited time and budget you can explore the place in a hassle free manner. Dubai holiday packages are tailor made in such a fashion where the requirements and budget of the tourists are given due consideration. Be it family, groups, individuals or corporate tie ups there is a package to suit your requirement. If you want to encounter an experience of shopping, visit the amazing theme parks, explore the world of gems or diamonds, the place has plenty to offer. For an international tour when you are prepared to spend a hefty amount to spend some quality time, you must get in touch with a professional expert tour operator who have vast experience of the industry and an excellent network so that he can be helpful to you under every situation and can offer real experience of a perfect tour which you are aiming at. The oktoboard.com is a trusted name in the field of domestic and international tours who can offer all the facilities of accommodation, travel and sight-seeing at various destinations. Just get in touch with them and get the best package that suit your budget and offer best memories of life. So visit Dubai at the earliest!