Packing is essential. Just forget an important item and you’re left thwarted and scrambling to find the stuff in your nearest store. Or, pack too much and you will have to end up unsystematic, heavy luggage and then oh crap! Pay money for pricey airline baggage fees. So, just to solve this tough chunk, here are the five most basic and the most useful packing rules that every traveller should learn before buying cheap tickets to India or anywhere else in the world. Create a Packing List

Making a packing list is always helpful. Start your stuffing process weeks ahead of your departure date; this provides you time to craft a complete list of all the essential items, plus you can also buy few important things you might need during your vacation. Creating a list for all packing gears is also a fail-safe way to make sure that you will not forget to bring anything important. Minimalize the Toiletries Sort out the list down to what you absolutely need. Hotels offer so much amenities that you can usually live off the land with shampoo and soap. If you use makeup, carry less or in small containers to utilize the space for other vital stuff. Or just carry a pair of earplugs and a set of your favourite eye shades that can help you get your beauty rest. Layer Now, this advice is twofold: Pack in layers and wear in layers. Like, your on-the road outfit should be full of layers, which will help you enjoy any climate in style and comfort. Or you can just adjust the flexibility for weather changes if you are going on a trip that takes you to various climate zones as then, you can just add or remove one according to the need. Also, it is important that the items in your bag should be packed in neat layers for easy screening and light weight. Roll, than Fold

Rolling is far more superior to folding. According to many travel experts, the clothes which are tightly rolled up takes less space than folded ones. Plus, they are also less prone to get any deep wrinkles from the folded creased clothes. Make Separate Space for Important Travel Documents Collect all your essential documents in a travel document organizer that holds a passport, documents, ID, even credit cards, a boarding pass, and a pen. This will help you make certain that everything you need to get from one place to the next is all in one place.