T\Vancouver is one of the best cities in all of Canada. We’re not saying this just from a social perspective but from a touristic angle. The city was founded in an absolutely staggering location and every person who comes here for the first can’t get enough of the sites in and around the city. See a little more about it here.

However, going over all the places that deserve your footsteps will require some special transportation. This place will need to you to it all. Go on foot, ride a boat, and drive in a car if you want to experience everything that it offers.

In this article, we’ll show you what some of the best ways to do it are, and where you’re supposed to go if you want to have the whole Vancouver package. Read on and see more on the subject!

What you mustn’t miss while here

This Canadian gem was founded by people who had an excellent taste of enjoying nature. Everything that a nature savvy might want to enjoy – it’s here. On the west is the great Pacific that ends its waters on the American continent. The land and the water had a love story ages ago and now a ton of islands, peninsulas, canals, and bays are available to be seen as a part of the picture.

In the north, there are mountains and lakes. Hiking trails that lead to some of the most amazing sightseeing locations in the world. Everyone who loves walking in nature will enjoy it here.

Down in the valley and on the shores, decades and centuries of human work made the city be one of the best places from a social aspect to live in. History also played a part in it. This town is the home of the University of British Columbia, the alma mater of many famous people in the business, science, and many other parts of our society.Learn more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_British_Columbia.

What’s the best way to enjoy nature around the city?

Enjoying the ocean is an amazing experience. Since the whole place is covered with islands and peninsulas, the harsh weather conditions from the outside ocean are rarely taking effect here. The water is almost always calm and offers a ton of ideas on how to explore the area.

A part of the touristic offer is kayaks. One by one, or multiple sits of boats can also be found and with it, you can enjoy some calm and peaceful boating around the canals.

Also, you can rent bigger boats with powerful engines and take a good look at the wider surrounding that offer a ton of amazing sights. Think about all the fish you might find during your sightseeing. Dolphins, whales, and other outstandingly beautiful creatures.

When it comes to the mountains, it’s best to walk. Getting to the forests and hiking trails can be done with public transport or rent-a-car. Use a public parking space to leave your car and go further on foot.

It’s smart to find some of the many companies offering mountain experience in their offer. Find some that will give you a guide, who knows the best places and will take you to see the most amazing sites. Or, you can go on an adventure and do everything on your own. Feel free to get lost in the mountains, but make sure you have the proper equipment to spend the night and get back before something dangerous happens. It’s the mountains and they are highly unpredictable.

Further, in the depths of the mountains, lakes and rivers are offering some outstanding experiences. For example, the Capilano hanging bridge is one of the greatest tourist attractions around Vancouver. It stands on 230 feet above the river and the suspension bridge is 460 feet long. It’s majestic.

What to do inside the city?

When you’re inside the city, then you first must know that this is not a small village that has one street and a couple of houses around it. It is huge. It’s one of the biggest cities in all of Canada. The greater Vancouver area has 2.46 million people and this just gives you the idea that you can’t expect to see everything in a couple of hours.

The best way to do it is to rent a vehicle. There are many rent-a-car agencies in the city but not too many of them offer traveling in style. Find something that will provide both comfort and convenience. For example, KJ Limousine Services have a wide variety of vehicles for this need. Choose what you feel like best for you and drive around the city to see some of the best ventures.

What you absolutely can’t miss is the University of British Columbia. It is the place where many famous people spent their college days among which is the prime minister of Canada, the famous Justin Trudeau. Going around campus is one great experience, so don’t miss it.

Gastown is the core of Vancouver. It is the original first settlement where first citizens resided. The place is a historic venue and there you can enjoy some of the old buildings and explore the oldest part of the city.

There are many other places where you can spend time and enjoy it too. The Stanley park, the art gallery, and of course, the Lookout Tower, a venture that you simply can’t miss and you must visit it. Everything can be seen from there, the ocean, the city, the mountains, and everything around them.


Visiting this city is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you decide to be a tourist in this part of Canada. Everyone who considers themselves as a traveling nomad must spend some time here as this is a place like no other on Earth.

A perfect mix between nature and human, land tailored with the modern way of life and the beauties of what the planet has to offer.