Umrah is one of the greatest devotion and supplication next to Hajj. Umrah literary means ‘expiation of sins’. Muslims believe that if one performs Umrah with Umrah Packages 2017 during the days of Ramadan, there is an additional reward. Wear Ihram

When someone prepares himself to perform Umrah and reaches the Miqat, he or she can enter the state of Ihram. Right before passing the Meeqat the place where the Umrah starts and one enters the state of Ihram. Hence, the one who enters the pious state of Ihram is known as Muhrim. Your next step would be to declare the intention and make the Talbiyah. Enter Masjid Al Haram With cheap Umrah Packages you must enter the Masjid Al Haram with your right foot and make dua and petitions. Next is the Tawaf. Tawaf (circling the Tawaf 7 times) During Tawaf, men need to leave their right shoulder bare and after the tawaf they can cover both shoulders. Start the tawaf at the black stone, either kiss it touch it with your right hand and recite ‘Bismillah, Allahu Akbar’. Men need to perform the Raml (walk quickly) only during the first 3 rounds of the Tawaf and indulge in a normal walk during the other 4 rounds. With your Umrah packages, upon reaching the Yamani corner, touch the black stone and say ‘Bismillah Allahu Akabr’. If you’re unable to touch, continue without saying anything. Proceed to Maqaam-e Ibraaheem Pray two short Rakahs, mainly behind the Maqaam-e Ibraheem. If isn’t possible, then pray anywhere in the mosque. It is preferred to recite prayers during the first Rak’ah, Surah Al-Kafiroon during the second Rak’ah Surah Al-Ikhlaas. Sa’ey – 7 circuits

With Umrah Packages 2017, performing a wudu is highly recommended and as you lave the boundry of the mosque, you can say the suggested prayers. Upon approaching the Mount Safaa recite your prayers and make your supplication. Trim Hair after Completing Sa’ey With cheap Umrah Package deals, it is recommended for men to shave all their hair, but they can trim it too all the way round. Women can shorten their hair a bit. Now all the prohibitions are lifted up and Umrah is completed.