After reading the title to this article, most people would look into the maps trying to locate the most potent Uzbekistan Places to Visit. Well, though it might not be very potent in the tourism map of the world, but it is increasingly moving up the table. Here is a list of the most potent places to visit in Uzbekistan.

1. NukusMusuem This is the place in Uzbekistan you must visit before you die. Known for its avant-garde art, this museum is a definite winner displaying a huge stock of archaeological objects and contemporary art from across central Asia. 2. Khiva A fascinating town near Bukhara, this is completely preserved, and painstakingly lies in its original walls having changed very little since the 18th Century. The museum town is very hardly inhabited and you will definitely notice it on your visit. Nevertheless you can still see how the city was in its most productive stages, with plumed turbans and pomegranates. 3. Silk Road Cycling One of the most potent Uzbekistan Sights, the Silk Road ranges from Khiva to Tashkent through Lake Aldarkul. You can also opt for the rides at FerghanaValley enjoying the mountainous scenery. Numerous Uzbekistan Travel Agencies have this site on their list, as this is a place that is just not to be missed. 4. Ice climbing in Turkestan, Matcha and Gissar To make your Uzbekistan Holidays memorable, you must never miss this spot. This place offers great oppurtunities with numerous rock climbing spots in the Gissar, Turkestan and Matcha region. Additionally, rock climbing on a vertical rock face can be done at both the Matchi ridge and Fan Mountains. 5. Tashkent Museums Tashkent is the land of numerous museums. The most visited one being the State Fine Arts Museum which is home to the graves of the Bolsheviks who died during the revolutionary street fights. Besides the Soviet art and Uzbek Masterpieces that fill the walls of the ground floor to the first floor, there lies an excellent Fidollyar garden at the back too.

6. Boi-bulok caves With depths going as far as 1415 meters, the boi-bulok caves are the deepest ones that Asia has to offer. Lovely gypsum formations adorn the Kugltang caves, while the ones in Tian Shan are filled with underground rivers and lakes. With this we come to end to this list of the must-visit places in Uzbekistan. Come today to enjoy a great stay and a wonderful vacation – of the sort you have never seen before.