Whether it is a canopy black screen kit, peak style instant garage or a pop-up canopy, having portable shelters or tents is beneficial to any homeowner. With these products, you can instantly create a safe environment for you, your family and friends, your garage equipment, machinery, and your vehicles. People One of the main purposes of a portable shelter or canopy tent is to provide protection for people. They make for a great substitute for traditional canvas covers since they are easier to setup. With a fixed leg pop up canopy, like those sold on Global Industrial, you will be able to create a temporary shelter for you and your family or friends instantly. And, as easily as you can set them up, you can also easily dismantle your portable tent or shelter to store in your car or garage. This is a great solution for whenever you decide to go on a camping trip or an afternoon picnic. They are also great for use in fairs and barbecues as well. Not only can they provide you with protection from the harmful rays of the sun, but they will keep you dry as well during the rain. Equipment and vehicles A portable garage or garage kit on the other hand gives you that much needed car space. Whether for home or for outside, these things can help protect your car or SUV from the sun and rain. Other than that, you can also store your boat, jet ski, or any other vehicle that you have in mind. These things are great alternatives to having a permanent garage built because they are cheaper. And, you can also use garage kits when you go out-of-town or on camping trips to keep your vehicle safe and sound. If you need to store equipment or supplies, then portable sheds as well as storage shelters are for you. For example, if you are constructing something and it suddenly rains, wouldn’t it be great to have a place to store them until the weather gets better? That’s exactly what portable sheds and storage shelters offer you. Aside from supplies, you can also keep your equipment and/or tools in these things as well. Whether you are getting a garage kit or a portable shed, you can rest assure that your vehicle, machine, or your supplies would be safe. These covers have been treated in such a way that they can resist water, UV and even microbes that can cause excessive damage. Plants and Animals Even your plants and animals can greatly benefit from Global Industrial covers. For one, you can find portable greenhouses for your plants. These products can help you take care of your plants by keeping them warm. Because of this, you can extend your planting season by up to six weeks. When winter comes, you can simply pack it up and store it in your garage. Your animals on the other hand can benefit from portable kennels. These covers give them protection from the outside elements while keeping them in one location. Because of the wire mesh design, you can easily look after them. It also provides proper ventilation for your animals. Tarps When it comes to versatility, heavy duty tarps is probably the most versatile of all covers. They are light and easy to use. At the same time, these things are very durable as they are designed to last for years on end. Durability In choosing your portable shelter or canopy tent, you have to consider a few things first. The main one is durability. You need to be sure that not only will the cover be able to do what it should do, but it should also last for a long time. Portability Being portable is another huge factor since you know you can bring it almost anywhere that you need it. At the same time, storage will not be a huge problem since you can simply put it in your garage after you are done with the cover.