Being a citizen of the member Visa Waiver Program (VWP) country you have to get authorization to travel to the United States of America. ESTA stands for Electronic System of Travel Authorization and ESTA antrag approval is a necessity to be permitted to board any ship or aircraft that heads to the US. Even if in case that ship or aircraft has a layover in the US or its any territories one without ESTA may not be permitted to board.

This is an additional safety step in the travel process that keeps travelers even more safe and secure. No one can deny the possibility of fraud and risk of personal identity protection. In some cases of fraud, anyone can be a clear victim and that person can find themself in great trouble. To avoid ESTA fraud one should keep its eyes and ears open and they should pay the process of ESTA antrag.

How to recognize fraudulent activities:

There are some criminals always present for every security system who try their best to break, hack, or misuse that system. If you don’t want to risk your identity and don’t want to become a victim of fraud then take the following steps to protect yourself from a risky situation.

  • Don’t forget for ESTA antrag you must need some documents and there is no chance to get ESTA approval in absence of any of these documents. If a website asks you to get exaggerated charges and ask you to get ESTA approval for you, they are unsavory websites and they try to use you as a prey to get money. It is a must to have a valid e-passport and proper identification and in case of lacking any of the following requirements, no one can help you to get ESTA approval.
  • If a firm offers you to get authorization on your behalf from the USA consulate without an application filled by you, make it clear they are not honest. They typically demand a great deal of money for providing you their services and get your passport. Always think before handing over your passport to anyone because it can be so difficult to prove your unwilling victim’s condition in case of fraudulent use of your data.
  • Be alert from ‘’Employment scams’’ also. Some scammers offer you to get you an ESTA to work in the USA and sometimes they get you a job also in the US. But don’t forget this is completely illegal and they charge a great deal of money for their services. ESTA antrang provides authorization for a short stay in the USA for business or pleasure reasons. It is not valid for doing the job or for the study reason and you surely need a proper visa for such requirements.

Get a better option:

To get help with your ESTA antrag use a trusted website just like that has helped many travelers. There is no need to pay exorbitant fees and your identity is also not at risk. Your application can be manually reviewed by experienced travel advisors and they also avoid the chance of any common errors by correcting your antrang. Take your personal security seriously and get help from ESTAEXPRESS24.