There are numerous benefits to taking short breaks. Taking a longer weekend or taking a mid-week break every few months can be more advantageous than taking longer breaks or taking all your leave in one go.The first benefit is that you can get to see more places. When you only plan one long holiday to an international destination once a year. You will only see one destination each year. Now have four or five short breaks throughout the year and you will see four or five destinations each year, so you can explore your own country and then venture to other countries, really getting a true feel of each destination and seeing what type of holiday you prefer in the process.Interestingly, when you take a holiday from Monday to Thursday, for example, and you head off to a new city, town or country, you will find your time will feel considerably longer. You can easily unwind and get to relax within four or five days, the same as you would with two or three weeks.If you are flying, you can speed up the process and make the experience less stressful by only taking hand luggage. One of the biggest time consuming tasks when flying in collecting your luggage off the moving belt. Carry on luggage goes onto the plane with you and when you land, all you have to do is take your bag from the overhead compartment on the plane and head off to meet your taxi or to catch a bus or train, it’s faster, it’s simpler and it definitely reduces anxiety when travelling.You can easily plan a shorter break by choosing your destination, picking your hotel and then identifying the few really interesting experiences you want to have when visiting the area. When you are there for longer, you have to really start digging deep to find everything you can do to keep you and your family entertained. But with a shorter break, three or four top things to do can make your entire holiday with ease.You can budget easily for shorter breaks. If you tend to take the whole family to an island resort for three weeks each and every summer, then you have to work hard the entire year to pay for that one holiday. With short breaks, you can save a couple of months and easily have enough money to enjoy the short break. If you have a specific destination in mind, you can save and as soon as you have the money book. Once you get back you start saving for your next adventure.With a short break you are still able to switch off. Three or four, even five days is more than long enough to give yourself a breather, get away from home and the office and rejuvenate yourself. If you have chosen a hotel with on-site wellness centre, then you can book yourself for a facial or massage, getting some much needed pampering before heading home.The final benefit with short breaks is that it is much easier to find house or pet sitters for a shorter period than a longer period and it will be more affordable on your wallet in the long run.