The Margaret River Gourmet Escape is one of Australia’s most happening events. It is the concluding event of the culinary festival run for ten days in Perth, Swan Alley and finally at Margaret River. Known for its beaches, finest wines and adventurous endeavours, Margaret River itself is an exotic location in Western Australia. This Gourmet Escape showcases the best wine, culinary talents and remarkable dining experience. Anyone planning to be a part of this fascinating food fest should know these three things.

#1 The Way To Margaret River Gourmet Escape

If you want to cover the entire festival in all three locations, you should book a flight to Perth international airport. You can drive to Swan Alley from there in 20 minutes. And it will take you around 3 hours to drive to reach the Margaret River. Or else, you can spend the weekend directly at its concluding event at the River.

#2 Things To Do At This Festival

While there is a lot to do in Margaret River, you must add these items to your to-do list for the Gourmet Escape event.

  • Meet the celebrity chefs and fine culinary talents at the festival, offering some of their best works.
  • Be a part of the interactive cooking demonstrations.
  • Margaret River has the world-known reputation of growing the best grapes and producing the finest young and old wines in Australia. Do not forget to get your hands on the glasses.
  • Visit the Gourmet Village that will feature over 70 best wineries allowing tastings to the guests.
  • Have dinner by the twilight and lunch at different events in the festival. Your stomach will thank you for treating it to some of the delicious cuisines in the world.

#3 Try The Famous Beach BBQ

Margaret River Gourmet Beach BBQ is a surreal experience, and you should not miss it at any cost! Enjoy fine dining with wines and fiery on the shores of the ocean. You also get to dance the night away to the tunes of a live band.

Margaret River offers a lifetime experience at pocket-friendly tour packages. To book a fun trip to this exotic location, visit the Erceg Aviation web page. Enjoy the exotic feast and taste one of the finest wines in the world. Since it is a long awaited culinary festival, you should never miss out on the chances of booking your tickets. Bless your taste buds with the best food in the most happening event!