A beautiful place to visit on the east coast of Sicily is Taormina, with its ancient splendor and its beautiful sunsets.  The luxury villas in Taormina, Sicily are just the latest travel trend, but also the best way to relax and immerse yourself like a local in the authentic Sicilian atmosphere.

Taormina is a Very Famous Place in Sicily

Taormina, a very famous tourist site in Sicily (and Italy), is located hundreds of meters above sea level and extends on the natural terrace of Mount Tauro, along the stretch of coast between Messina and Catania. Its extraordinary panoramic views allow you to admire parks, mountains, the crystal-clear waters of the bay of Naxos (which are very beautiful and sandy beaches in Italy), and, in the background, the mighty Etna (the largest active volcano in Europe), and the Ionian coast. Taormina is a city of ancient origins. It became a popular destination for European aristocrats and artists of the nineteenth century, but later also famous worldwide as the most elegant Sicilian city. Taormina is known as the place where movie stars spend their holidays, and thanks to its elegance and style, the most beautiful luxury villas are located in Taormina, Sicily.

Sicilians love Taormina for Its Beautiful Sea

Taormina is characterized by extraordinary nature. Don’t miss the public gardens of the Villa Comunale. Recognized as a beautiful seaside resort on the east coast, Giardini di Naxos is very close to Taormina, and it’s a place loved by Sicilians for its beautiful sea and nightlife. If you do not have a double suite, when you put the children to bed, parents often find themselves in the dark! In a villa, you can safely send the children to sleep while continuing your activities without waking them up, and the neighbors! The hotel gets a little stuck right away. Between the furnishings and the suitcases, after a while, despite the efforts of your maid, you will feel a bit tight.

The luxury of space (the most beautiful villas in Taormina often have lounges, cellars, playgrounds and gardens, terraces and swimming pools). What a joy to have breakfast in the morning while the children bathe, leafing through a book in Italian. In the evening, while the barbecue is set up on the patio, the children play in the garden, and your guests begin to arrive.

Taormina is a Very Hospitable City

Many villas in Taormina have deck chairs, umbrellas, refreshing, or beach games. In some villas, there are also wheelchairs or cots for children. Car rental is also offered. It is useful to discuss with the agency responsible for your apartment in Taormina, the people are very hospitable.

Depending on the destination, food is not always eaten well, and eating three times a day in the hotel restaurant makes the price rise quickly. Access to the kitchen does not mean that you have to spend your holidays cooking dishes. In Taormina, you can alternate very well between the city’s restaurants (there’s so much variety in Taormina!) and cooking in your villa, having fun experimenting with Italian recipes with the top-quality products found in the markets, and eating whenever you want. At the end of the day, cooking also means relaxing and drinking a glass of Nero D’Avola while you prepare dinner. No reservation is required, you eat when you want. In Taormina, you can buy local products at a convenient price.

In Taormina, by renting a villa, you can live like a local inhabitant. You can immerse yourself in the domestic life of Taormina, learn about its customs and traditions, know the neighborhoods and also the neighboring regions. Besides, you have neighbors and make friends instantly! Sicilians are very friendly and welcoming! They do not necessarily speak the same language but would be happy to invite you to dinner in exchange for an invitation to the pool, for example. After all, meeting people on your travels is so enriching.